Friday, September 18, 2009

The Story part 1

I've really only been "big" since I was 17. I believed I was fat before that but I really wasn't. I wonder if an accurate body image would have made a difference. At any rate, when I graduated high school I really started putting on the pounds. I worked out still, but I ate horribly....I'm an emotional eater. And I'm a binge eater. I get these uncontrollable cravings that I really cannot stop. I could never get more than 20 pounds off until I was 22. At that point I had learned about a 17 week cleanse that was really supposed to restore health to your body. I figured weight loss would just be a bonus. That four months I lost 60 pounds. I felt incredible! I could breathe, exercise and enjoy it. I felt so light. And I couldn't believe I had done it. It was incredibly difficult and worth every minute. Later that year I did the cleanse a second time (although not completely was over the holidays :/) and lost an additional 20. 80 pounds in one year!!! i looked good, i felt good....everyone was astonished and said i looked like a different person and i even got complements that i was "hot" for the first time in my life. After the cleanse was completely over I put on 15 pounds almost instantly. I was fine with that, it didn't really alter my appearance and i knew it was muscle. Along this weight loss journey I realized my dream to be a personal trainer, and had begun the lessons and training towards being certified. I held my weight at 215, continued to workout (i was looking pretty good!), got my certification and had began training at a gym. I was finally a personal trainer!

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