Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moving Forward

Fast forward to the present.  I find myself back in school (definitely a cause for celebration!).  I also work third shift, so sleep sometimes doesn't get the attention it deserves, and my panic attacks that were a result of PTSD have now developed into a panic disorder. I will say that I have learned pretty well how to cope with panic and am working towards defeating it...go me!  I also have done a ton of healing emotionally, and find myself ready to stop hiding behind my weight and disappointment with myself for letting my body get back to a state of obesity.  I swore i would never go back and yet here i am.  So, this blog is more than an outlet for me...its a way to create accountability.  I hope that as I go through this process I might also help someone else find the inspiration and determination they need to reach their own goals. Here's to the journey!!!!

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Shellie said...

I love you Jill. You are amazing, brave and courageous. You are one of my heroes.